In-Tip Methodology
This unique patented technology provides the user with fast and convenient method to measure UV absorbance directly in the pipette tip. The advanced polymer technology used to make the UVpette tips ensures precise UV absorbtion measurements between 220nm and 950nm, making it ideal for applications involving nucleic acid, protein, or microarray dye concentration determination.

Through a friendly and intuitive user interface the P200 allows the user to easily switch between protocols. The software automatically calculates all the values required including concentration, purity ratios and dye concentrations. Each sample can be given a unique reference and resulting data can be stored to your personal directory in MS Excel compatible format, for later analysis.

As an optional extra we offer a 10mm cuvette holder which is compatible with all standard cuvettes. The cuvette holder does not require a dark environment and is compatible with standard cuvettes from 10mm to 0.2mm pathlength including the Hellma TrayCell.

...changes with your needs

The Picodrop P200 is a complete solution for those users requiring an easy to use methodology with complete flexibility to choose to use the unique in-tip method for the highest level of sample containment and sample recovery or with a simple switch of the interchangeable holders you can use the TrayCell sample platform method for tip-free applications.

using the TrayCell could no be simpler, pipette a 1 microlitre drop of sample onto the sample platform and then close the lid and read. After measurement a quick wipe with a tissue or cotton bud is sufficient to remove the sample and prepare the platform for the next measurement.Using different lids to provide fixed pathlengths the TrayCell gives a range between 6-8500ng/ul of dsDNA.

The interchangeable holders allows you to easily switch between in-tip
or platform based measurements

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