The Picodrop Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometer is the only system that allows you to use the best format for your assay without compromise. Use our patented disposable UVpette Tips or the unique drop-and-read TrayCell for tip-free applications....the choice is yours!

Your perfect partner for DNA, RNA and other nucleic acid concentration measurements, protein analysis using Bradford, Lowry, Lysozyme or IgG assays and ideal for microarray dye ratio determination using most popular dyes including CY3/CY5 and the Alexa range.

Use the In-tip detection method for a range between 5-1200ng/ul of dsDNA or for an extended range switch the holder to use the TrayCell and benefit from the extended concentration range up to 8500ng/ul dsDNA.
  Sample volumes down to 1uL
  No dilutions necessary
  Kinetic measurements in both tip or cuvette
  100% Sample recovery
  Zero cross-contamination
  3 Second detection time
  No cleaning required when using tips and just a simple wipe when using the TrayCell
  Range of interchangeable cuvette accessories including compatibility with TrayCell, standard cuvettes and dip probes
  Scanning wavelength range from 220nm to 950nm

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